LGBTQIA+ singles and couples looking for a surrogate or donor turn to us

Raising a child is one of the greatest joys of any family.
At the Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio, building a family comes first. 

For LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples, surrogacy and gamete sharing can present many unsuspected events. There are many paths to parenthood, ranging from egg donation or sharing to sperm donation to co-maternity to embryo donation to surrogacy. The Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio is committed to helping LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples achieve the family envisioned by listening to needs and desires and designing a pathway to parentage.

Understanding Your Options As A Same-Sex Couple

Recent decades have seen remarkable achievements in reproductive medicine. With the assistance of a surrogate mother, egg donor and/or sperm donor, same-sex couples can and do become biological parents. Depending on your State or home country, there may be a legal nuance that should be addressed at the very onset of your journey at the contracting stage. The Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio is happy to consult with your personal attorney so as to confirm your legal parentage regardless of the State or Country you reside. 

Any person, single or coupled, can use a surrogate. While single and coupled men will require an egg donor, and single or coupled women will have access to egg donors when their infertility is ovarian based, single or coupled women will need a sperm donor to create embryos. The Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio has vast experience with gamete donors, from an agency, a relative or friend. Each source comes with its own legal challenge and response to affirm your legal parentage.

A child of a same-sex couple will be the genetic child of only one member of the couple. To cut off any question of legal parentage, custody and authority, we will prosecute a second parent adoption when asked. The administration of such an adoption may require a home study, including a biography, financial report and letters of support from family, friends and professional acquaintances. 

Legal Issues For Female Same-Sex Couples

The States and individual Countries provide a patchwork of laws when defining "legal parent". Some may require a genetic connection, some a birth parent. There are no guarantees that your medical presentation matches how your jurisdiction recognizes you, post-delivery.  As such, we must design a  paradigm to dovetail your fertility issue with a legal response confirming your parentage. You may be carrying a child of your egg and donor sperm. Perhaps, your wife is carrying a child of your egg and donor sperm. Each medical approach requires a unique legal plan.  All of your questions regarding such family building can be answered by our office.

Three Parent Adoptions

With access to friends and close relatives, straight couples have long relied on an informal approach to blended families or co-parenting. The rise in the number of LGBTQIA+ couples has seen a rise in the curiosity of formalizing that which was informal. Thus, we have seen increasing interest in bringing all of the parental stakeholders into the same family. This can include permitting and encouraging the sperm donor to join a married lesbian couple in an adoption of their child, or, the ova donor with a married gay couple. Typically, the third parent is a platonic co-parent but can certainly be more than that. The benefits to the child are immeasurable.

Single Parent Concerns

We have had so many single parent clients that we can only guess as to the actual number. Nevertheless, those clients have requested many kinds of legal answers to their infertility questions. More specifically, we have helped single women and men with sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy. Each client presents a unique infertility question which must be answered with a direct and transparent response. Regardless of your specific presentation, Florida can provide clarity during your journey and security to your parentage.  

"If we have more law firms like the Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio, it would help more parents to have their beautiful baby and complete their family dreams. Thanks very much to Robert for helping us complete our family."

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Robert Terenzio

Owns a law firm that exclusively practices in assisted reproductive technology law. Over the many years Robert has been in this field, he noticed that the best support he could provide his clients was a stable legal framework within which to pursue parentage, plentiful and transparent information on the ART processes and unwavering support and counsel throughout their journey.



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