Malika Chichou

Office Manager

Malika was born in Casablanca, Morocco where she pursued her accounting and computer programming degrees. Post-graduation, she worked for a company’s accounting/International business department dealing with Clients from European and North American countries. After moving to the U.S., she attended the Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado and subsequently, worked for a Mutual Fund Company.

In 2001, she worked for State College of Florida as a Budget Analyst before transitioning into ART as an Intended Parent Coordinator helping French Commissioning Parents in their journey to parenthood. In addition, she provided translation services to the intended parents during their medical, psychological evaluations and legal counseling. This experience solidified her desire to continue helping future parents as an Office Manager at the Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio, where she enjoys working with clients from around the world with varying cultures and backgrounds, but all seeking the wonderful dream of parenthood.

In her free time, Malika enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors walking, hiking, kayaking and skiing with her family and friends.



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