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International surrogacy is a fast-growing area, and increasingly popular for couples who are unable to find a surrogate mother in their country.

Many countries either prohibit or make it very difficult for intended parents to enter into surrogacy arrangements. Since 1993, prospective international parents find Florida, with its protective statutory scheme, high-quality fertility clinics, outstanding hospitals and beautiful tourist locale, an attractive place to pursue treatment and find a legal safe haven.


As the child is born in the United States, she or he is automatically a US citizen. Immediately at birth, we petition the court to confirm parentage in your name(s) and seal any record which suggests surrogate was used. An original birth certificate is generated with no mention of the surrogacy. Typically, we can deliver a birth certificate within about 7 to 10 business days of the child’s birth. Heterosexual couples will have both names on the birth certificate. Single parents will, of course, have only their name on the birth certificate. Same sex couples can elect a second parent adoption to place the non-genetic parent on the birth certificate. As you might expect, a second parent adoption will require more time as there are additional legal steps involved.

With some countries, recognition of the child requires a man and a woman be on the birth certificate. For those single men who pursue surrogacy from those countries, we will negotiate with the surrogate to leave her name on the birth certificate until after recognition is complete.

When we have a good indication of when the birth will take place and if the parent can go to Miami, we will arrange a meeting with the Passport Offices so they can walk out with a passport the same day. Some parents will not be in Miami or feel uncomfortable bringing their child into a public space. For those parents, we know a number of passport expediting services that can move a passport application through Washington, D.C. in as little as three days total.

For all international parents, we will ask who you are working with in your respective country. It is imperative to have a local attorney as obtaining citizenship for your child is important and some countries have very short timelines following entry into their country within which to apply. For international parents who do not have local counsel, we can recommend experienced attorneys who understand how to best obtain citizenship for the baby.

Why do International Clients come to the United States?

International Clients love the United States for their surrogacy journey. Yes, it is certainly the most expensive option out there.  However, the stability and predictability provided through United States are unparalleled. Parenting, among other attributes, is one of the most important things an individual can contribute to society. Is that not worth the extra money spent? All of the International Parents that went before you would say "yes". 

How do our International Clients get back home?

A child born in the US is an American. That does not necessarily mean, however, that the child will be provided citizenship in your country. Most every country has specific requirements for a child born outside its boundaries to obtain citizenship. We prefer to work with your personal attorney to obtain their perspective on language for the Parental Order we will generate for you. We will obtain a Birth Certificate reflecting that language. Finally, we will provide you apostillic copies of your child's Parental Order and Birth Certificate so that you can register your child with the government in a timely manner. Finally, as your child is a US citizen, he or she may obtain a US Passport with which to leave here and go home with you. 

"Cabinet d'Avocats très professionnel, disponible et à l'écoute à chaque étape du process. Grâce à l'accompagnement du cabinet, le parcours de GPA qui est assez complexe, devient beaucoup plus Simple. Ma Fille est née le 28 Septembre 2017, nous avons eu le certificat de naissance très rapidement ( 1 semaine et demi ) , et notre passeport 2 jours après le rendez-vous. Sincèrement un grand Merci."



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Additional Resources

Amazon Storefront

This link will take you to our carefully cultivated Amazon storefront where we have listed the most necessary parenting items for you and your little one(s). All the proceeds collected from this storefront will be donated to RESOLVE - a nonprofit organization designed to help women with infertility issues. 

Social Security Services

Children born in the US will need a social security number regardless of where that child lives in the world. As your child will be born with the help of a carrier, you will obtain the child's social security number after discharge from the hospital. This is to insure that the number is indexed to you and not your carrier.

Passport & Expedited Services

International Parents will have to obtain a Passport for their child. As the child was born in the US, he or she will be eligible for a US Passport. Three tracks for passports are available. First, a non-expedited path which will take somewhere in the 30 day range. Second, an expedited appointment where the Parents and child personally appear at a passport facility from which the passport will be ready in 24 hours. Third, an expedited courier service where the Parent pays a third party to run their application through a passport facility. There are pluses and minuses to each track and we will be happy to speak to you about their options. 

Post Birth Necessities

When your child is discharged from the hospital, you will need supplies as it will take some days to obtain the birth certificate. Your agency will provide you a list of those items, not the least of which will be a child's car seat, diapers and baby bottles.  

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