Inesse Chichou

Paralegal and Billing Coordinator

Inesse was born in Denver, Colorado but in 2001, moved to Florida with her family. In 2016 she graduated high school and went on to graduate Cum Laude with her Bachelors in Arts from the University of South Florida - Tampa in 2019. 

With a passion for law, Inesse started her journey at the Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio as a legal intern in 2018. Upon graduation, she officially joined the firm as a Paralegal, Billing Coordinator and monitors the office social media platforms.

In her free time, Inesse is studying to take her Law School entrance exam as well as studying to be a personal trainer. Inesse is very passionate about fitness and well being.  Inesse likes to ski and spend time with her dog, Bingo, her family and friends. 



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