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Here are five steps that need to be taken with each surrogacy agreement:


Step 1 - Agreement Drafted 

First, the surrogacy agreement will be drafted, proofed and administered by an attorney who has expertise in the area.


Step 2 - Witnessed and Notarized 

Second, we will ensure that all signatures will be witnessed and notarized to provide you, the court and all other parties notice that everyone is at the table voluntarily and knowingly.


Step 3 - Independent

Third, we insist that all parties will be represented by independent attorneys to provide the appropriate ethical distance between the parties and secure assurances that everyone understands their respective promises and legal rights.


Step 4 - Birth Process 

Fourth, we will meet with the risk manager and or nurse administrator of the obstetric floor to ascertain the hospital’s understanding of the legal side of surrogacy and how they will administer the birth process.


Step 5 - Trustee 

Fifth, it is inevitable that the relationship between you and your carrier will wax and wane. It is paramount that financial considerations never enter this relationship. To minimize such confounders we will direct to you a reputable trust company with an independent trustee.

"If we have more law firms like the Law Offices of Robert T. Terenzio, it would help more parents to have their beautiful baby and complete their family dreams. Thanks very much to Robert for helping us complete our family."

Intended Parents
Bobby and Charlie

Rovert Terenzio Law Firm

Robert Terenzio

Owns a law firm that exclusively practices in assisted reproductive technology law. Over the many years Robert has been in this field, he noticed that the best support he could provide his clients was to provide them a stable legal framework within which to pursue parentage, plentiful and transparent information on the ART processes and unwavering support and counsel throughout their journey.

"Cabinet d'Avocats très professionneldisponible et à l écoute à chaque étape du process. Grâce à l'accompagnement du cabinet , le parcours de GPA qui est assez complexe devient beaucoup plus Simple. Ma Fille est née le 28 Septembre 2017 Nous avons eu le certificat de Naissance très rapidement ( 1 semaine et demi ) , et notre passeport 2 jours après le rendez vous Sincèrement un grand Merci."

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