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Is Florida Next to Allow Same Sex Marriage?

The 3rd District Court of Appeals will be making a decision regarding the ban on same sex marriage in Florida before the case goes to the Florida Supreme Court.

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This action is a result of rulings in both Monroe and Miami-Dade County where judges struck down the ban on same sex marriage. However, couples cannot yet get married due to a stay which was put in place with the efforts of Pam Bondi. This stay was put in place to keep the ban on same sex marriage in effect until the 3rd District Court of Appeals hears the case and makes a decision.

The ACLU, as well as some other attorneys, has sued to overturn this stay and allow the couples to marry. The ACLU asked the stay be lifted earlier this month. ACLU acted one day after the US Supreme Court ruled that they would not hear appeals in federal court decisions allowing same-sex marriages for Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana, & Wisconsin.

Around the same time this month, five more states- Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, & Wyoming- legalized same sex marriage bringing the total to 32 states. Now the next question is whether Florida is next.