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We understand your desire to have a family. We are dedicated to helping you, individually or as a couple, navigate your way through the legal, medical and social issues associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART).

  • Reproductive Law

    Johnson v. Calvert (1993) 5 Cal.4th 84: “She who intended to bring about the birth of a child that she intends to raise as her own is the natural mother.”

    Reproductive Law
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    The best part of my week is when a client calls and says, “Hey, we’re pregnant!”– Robert Terenzio, Esq.

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  • For Surrogates

    The generous and compassionate women who become surrogate mothers are motivated to give the gift of parenthood to individuals who must use surrogacy to build their families.

    For Surrogates
  • For Intended Parents

    Providing compassionate, personalized and affordable legal services for intended parents who are using in vitro fertilization (IVF) with surrogacy and/or egg donation.

    For Intended Parents
"I have known and worked with Robert Terenzio for almost a decade now! He is probably one of the most knowledgable reproductive attorneys in the United States. His insight is exceptional and his service from start to finish has always been exemplary... he is one of the few who would go beyond 'the retainer' to make sure his clients are taken care of."

- Souad Dreyfus, Founder, Open Arms Consultants

Intended Parents

Because you are embarking on the most important journey of your life, building your family, we are here to make sure everything goes right and you bring your baby home. Learn more

Surrogates and Donors

You are motivated by your compassion and desire to help others create their family, but still need the legal protections necessary to make sure you experience the journey you desire. Learn more

International Clients

We are experienced working with intended parents who come to the United States to access excellent medical services and a friendly and receptive legal environment. Learn more